Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai

I’m prepared to assist and inform you of all the possible variables of the following surgeries:

rhinoplasty dubai


Breast Augmentation
Breast Uplift + Implants
Breast Reduction
Gynaecomastia (male)



Cosmetic Surgery is for anyone who wants to improve one or more aspects of their appearance and is one of the safest among surgical procedures.

Basically plastic surgery could be good:

  • To enhance your appearence such as with breast surgery implants
  • To reverse the effects of childbirth such as tummy tucks
  • To combat the signs of ageing such as wrinkles

Because each patient is different and will have different aims, not all procedures will be suitable for each person.
Too many variable can effect the result in each individual patient, consequently it would be quite wrong professionally, if not wholly unethical, for any surgeon to state that the results of his surgery are in any way guaranteed.

Therefore, to ensure your satisfaction it is important that during your consultation with the surgeon you discuss and understand the likely appearance you will have after the procedure.

For more information about those procedures and the initial consultation, you can contact me directly or by visiting Bella Roma Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai where I see all of my patients.

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